Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Feb 13th 2018

Juice cleanses have gained popularity in the past few years as a detox diet. Essentially, you consume only fruit and vegetable juices while otherwise abstaining from food. Supporters claim that this purposeful cleanse is a way to reset and heal yo...
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What You Need to Know About GMOs

Jun 7th 2017

There’s a lot of debate out there about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – if we should consume them, how they should be labeled, whether or not they should be banned, etc. To help you make your own decision, we’ve broken down the facts from...
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The Dangers of Processed Foods

May 24th 2017

“Food that lacks life cannot sustain life.” – David W. Rowland, Digestion: Inner Pathway to HealthYou may think that processed foods are limited to fast-food restaurants or junk food, but in reality, processed foods are all around us. Walk down a...
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