As humans, we rely on the nutrients in our food to keep our bodies functioning properly. With a healthy, varied diet of whole, unprocessed foods, chances are you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need. The problem is, our food is getting less and less nutritious. We refine and process our food so it lasts longer on shelves, tastes better and cooks faster. Genetically modified foods are everywhere, even though we don’t know how they affect us in the long-term. Even the food we farm is at risk.

Fields are stripped of vital nutrients by overuse. Pesticides prevent plants from drawing nutrients from the soil. Fertilizers replace the trace minerals, organic components and beneficial microbes naturally present in the Earth with chemicals.

It’s no wonder that food allergies and auto-immune disorders are becoming so common. Or that obesity is a growing epidemic, even in children. We evolved to eat and use the nutrients in whole, natural foods, not processed imitations. Our body can’t even recognize what we’re feeding it, and in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs, it tells us to keep eating, and eating.

Give your body what it’s missing.

Supplementing a healthy, varied diet of whole, unprocessed foods with 100% natural vitamins ensures that you’re getting the proper amount of every vitamin and mineral, every day.

Natural Essentials is a gluten-free, non-GMO line of vitamins that uses only all-natural ingredients, some of which are organic, from whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. With no binders, no artificial colors or flavors and no synthetics, our products are simply the natural nutrients your body needs – and nothing it doesn’t.

It’s our way of continuing our commitment to high-quality products and helping more people reach their goals, whatever they may be.